Welcome to Ethereal Guardians!



Please register on the forum to get access to the bank / guild armor.  

If you have registered on forum and have not yet been ranked up to Patrician in-game, please message an officer and let them know your account name / user name on site.



 Ethereal Guardians is a guild where both experienced and new players can come together and get the most out of Guild Wars 2.


We are one of the oldest and largest PvE guilds on Sanctum of Rall.


We are heavily invested in dungeons and fractals with a casual no-stress attitude towards WvW events.

Guild Rules

1. 100% Guild Rep in PVE, all toons (league PVP teams, bank guilds in LA & TTS OK)


2. No Douchebaggery.


3. Notify us for extended absences of 2+ weeks (forum post).


4. Teamspeak On TEQ/Mission

Ethereal Guardians

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• Organized Guild Missions

     - Guild missions are done every Saturday 4:30-6pm Server Time by our experienced officers ( Teamspeak Required)


• Make up Guild Missions

     -  Make up missions are every Thursday 8:30pm Server Time or upon request of at least 15 members ( Teamspeak Required )


• Daily Tequatl Kill

     -  Our guild Organizes Daily Tequatl Kill at 7:00pm Server time ( Teamspeak Requried)


• Teaching dungeon speed and casual runs

     -  Our dungeon officers are capable of teaching members fast organized dungeon kill or casual relaxed dungeon exploration.


• Fractal of the Mist

     -  For those who like challenging contents we have members who do daily High level fractals and also officers who are capable of teaching tips and tricks to newcomers.


• Trading Post Thursday

     -  Come learn about flipping with our Trading Post tycoon and see how you can make a fortune out of it.


• WvW Casual Raids

     -  As a Sanctum of Rall original guild we fight for our server. Come join our commanders in WvW


• Node Farms

     -  Learn the profit of node farming with our master node farmers.


• World Events Zerg

     -  Our guild organizes world events zerg every day during daily reset come join hundreds of members in taking down world bosses.


• Lottery

     - Test your luck with a lottery ticket now and have a chance to win over 100gold or custom skins.

Events and Activities ...